Washable PM2.5 Face Mask

Washable PM2.5 Face Mask



Mask is washable and reusable (remove filter first before washing) Made of Cotton, comfortable to wear for extended periods.  Face Mask with respirator exhaled air valve for easier breathing 5 layer filter including activated carbon and small particulate filters. PM 2.5 filter means it filters particules over 2.5 microns. Adjustable elastic hook straps for a ‘one size fits all’ with adjustable nose piece according to each person different nose shape pinch firmly around nose so that the sealing effect is better and the user wearing the glasses can effectively reduce the fogging. Intimate U-shaped chin design, increase the mouth and jaw comfort and sealing.


Cleaning Method

1. Replacement PM2.5 filter can not be washed, it is recommended to be replaced regularly.

2. Handwash mask with laundry detergent and water diluted, put the mask into the water (remove the filter), hand rub gently and air dry in shade.

3. Do not long soak in the washing liquid or water, avoid the use of bleach.

4. Clean often according to the general use.