Cream Remover/ Debonder

Cream Remover/ Debonder

BL Cream Remover Double Plus debonder features a fast acting, low irritation formula that quickly and gently dissolves the adhesive bond without running into the clients eyes. It's also GBL free (a banned substance contained in some removers).


Apply eyepads to client, keep eyes firmly closed.

Use an applicator to apply a thin coating of remover upward from the lash line to the tip of each lash being extremely careful that the remover doesn't come into contact with the eyes or skin

Allow the remover to sit for 2-3 minutes, can put cling wrap over to help process.  Tape extension tips to eyepad and gently remove as one or,

Use applicator to wipe extensions off  and the extensions should come away from the natural lash easily

Any stubborn extensions can be gently removed using tweezers

Do not tug, pull or rub any of the lashes (Repeat procedure if necessary)

Rinse lashes with foaming cleanser and a damp cloth until all remover is gone.

INGREDIENTS: Propylene Carbonate, Montmorillonite, Copolymer

Professional Use ONLY